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What is Share Market | Stock Market

What is Share Market In this post we will see about bull market and also characteristics and reasons behind it . We will also see about difference between bull and bear market. Introduction to Bull Market You might be thinking why the market is called ‘Bullish’ ? Because when the bull is in anger he … Read more

What is Volatility | Stock Market

What is Volatility You have heard people saying , market is volatile now , but what they really mean ? lets take closer look at it and understand volatility. Introduction to Volatility  The rate at which stock goes up or down is called as volatility. It is the degree at which stock prices moves up … Read more

Types Of Stocks | Stock Market

What are Types Of Stocks There are many types of stocks based on different parameters . Stocks can be classified according to market capitalization of company ,dividend , fundamentals of company . In this article we are going to see about stocks based on market capitalization . Market capitalization defines size of the company . … Read more

What is Technical Analysis | Stock Market

What is Technical Analysis Technical analysis is study of past chart patterns to predict the future prices of the stock. It is statistical and graphical study of stock charts, volumes and trend. Traders use it to predict future direction and trend of a stock , whether buy or sell a stock. Technical analysis is a … Read more

What is Support | Stock Market

What is Support Support and resistance  are important levels on chart where the forces of Supply and demand match. these are areas on the chart where stock prices reverses . so we can use this opportunity to buy or sell stock. Support It is a level that absorbs the selling pressure in stock. The support … Read more

What is Stock Market Corrections | Stock Market

What is Stock Market Corrections Introductions to Corrections  Stock market selling are very normal in markets . But depending on its magnitude they are divided into market dips , corrections ,bear market and crash . If market declines 5% from its previous high it is called as dip and they are very normal in market … Read more

What are Stock Exchange | Stock Market

What are Stock Exchange Introduction to Stock Exchanges It is a regulated platform on which shares of public listed companies gets traded . It is place where buyers buy stocks and sellers sell stocks . They provide transparent enviroment to buy , sell stocks . Not only stocks but also derivatives , bonds and futures … Read more

What is Resistance | Stock Market

What is Resistance Support and Resistance are most widely used concepts in stock market. They are very important to study next movement in the market. Lets study some key concepts about them. Introduction to Resistance When the stock price moves up and also pulls back, the point reached before it pulled back is now resistance.  … Read more

Best 5 Apps for Paper Trading | Stock Market

Best 5 Apps for Paper Trading If you are new in the Stock market and you want to learn stock trading and options trading without risking your money then best way is to use Paper Trading Apps .  They are free of cost and do not charge any brokerage also you dont need any demat … Read more