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In Italy, an Assassin is patrolling Monteriggioni when he spots a group of Borgia mercenaries disguised as tax collectors. Although the Assassin kills all of the mercenaries, a thief escapes with the contents of a chest belonging to the Assassins. The thief is revealed to be Pietro de Galencia, a Borgia Agent working undercover in Monteriggioni. Pietro had captured an old man, who was the father of a Roman Assassin, and tortured him into revealing one of the secret entrances into Villa Auditore, which led Pietro to the chest. After the theft, the old man escapes and warns the citizens of Monteriggioni about Pietro’s betrayal. The Assassin then hunts down and kills Pietro. However, when investigating Pietro’s house, the Assassins can only find letters from Cesare Borgia, Captain General of the Papal Forces and leader of the Templars. Soon after, rumors begin circulating about mysterious men wearing black-feathered armor massacring people for sport.


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After a while, Machiavelli receives a short, mysterious letter from a man named Demetrio, who plans to murder Cesare Borgia during the night. In the letter, Demetrio requests Assassins to escort him to safety after the murder. Machiavelli and an Assassin wait for a night to no avail when they see Cesare Borgia commanding his guards to execute a man. The Assassin points out that the man to be executed is Demetrio, a blacksmith working for Cesare Borgia. The Assassin manages to rescue Demetrio and escort him to safety. Demetrio tells Machiavelli that after he refused Cesare’s order to replicate even more Hidden Blades, he was tortured. Demetrio then tried to murder Cesare many times, but failed each time. When Machiavelli shows Demetrio the modified Hidden Blade blueprint from the stolen chest, Demetrio confirms that he was the one who made them, and calls them the Corvix Blades. Demetrio then reveals information on Cesare Borgia and the men with the crow feathers. Demetrio explains that after realizing that his guards cannot use the Corvix Blades, Cesare decides to make his own Assassins. Cesare finds a group of young men in an orphanage and sends them to Vallombrosa, an abbey near Firenze. He then uses his contacts to trick a Spanish Assassin named Raphael S├ínchez into training the men by making Raphael believe that it was the Assassin’s Brotherhood that contact him. After the training is complete, Cesare sends a bald man to Vallombrosa. The bald man claims that Raphael’s task is complete and that he needs to return to Spain immediately. After the confused Raphael leaves, the bald man calls the young men “The Crows”.

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