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Meet Diogenes, your game character whose torso sticks out of a cauldron full of water. The real Diogenes was a Greek philosopher who gained notoriety for his unconventional choices of where to sleep, like the inside of a large ceramic jug in the middle of a marketplace. To control his movements and ascend the mountainside, you must swing the Yosemite hammer. Any little misstep or bad swing can see you suffering a hard fall back to a certain point of the game or at worst, the very beginning. Simultaneously, listen up for Foddy’s voice, which can be heard spouting commentary about your current situation and even words of encouragement. Feedback may be of little comfort though, as your sanity begins to run dry with the unfair, absurd nature of the game.


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After you’ve successfully finished the game, a pop-up question tab will appear. It will ask you if you’re playing the game alone or streaming it online. if you answer yes, you’ll end up in a secret chat room hosted by Foddy. There, you’ll read a personal congratulatory message and even have the chance for a quick chat with the man himself. For those who honestly answer no, you’ll unfortunately end up in the game menu without having access to the room. If you’re still adamant about having that convo, be prepared to play from the beginning.

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