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Only if you’re up for a test of patience, and determination. This game will definitely drive you crazy to your core and can bother you at times. The adrenaline rush that comes with playing it though, will lead you to sweet success. After all, the most appreciated view is that from the summit. If you’re willing to spend some pennies on a game you may never play again after winning, check this out. If you’re more into games with a more established and complicated storyline, unfortunately, you’ll have to look for another game.


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This game is frustrating enough that players can’t stop once they’ve started it. Some people just can’t get over with game’s unfair and absurd nature.
Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy is a popular video game platform that requires grit and patience. The rules are simple. You just have to reach the end of the mountain to beat the game. It won’t be easy though, given the strange design of the mountains. A tribute to Jazzuo’s B-Game classic Sexy Hiking, this brilliant game layout comprises ridges of bizarre, yet familiar objects stacked upon one another.

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