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In GRAND THEFT AUTO: SAN ANDREAS, players must run, gun, and drive through a bustling city to perform missions such as knocking off a mob boss or preventing a truckload of ammunition from reaching its destination. Gamers play as Carl \”CJ\” Johnson, a young man who returns to the slums to avenge his mother’s murder with the help of his old gang. New gameplay features to the Grand Theft Autoseries require players to perfect certain skills over time, such as hand-to-hand combat and driving. You must also earn \”respect\” with each mission; the more you gain, the more likely gang members will help you on missions.


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I consider this game to be a masterpiece – everything involved; the gameplay, the weapons, the vehicles, everything. From the motorcycles to the Rustler airplane; from the jetpacks to the reference to Grand Theft Auto 3 / Vice City, it s all bravura.

Of course, there are a small number of effects I found flawed, and others I wish weren’t involved altogether. For instance, I didn’t care for the choice of haircuts you can get, nor the clothes you can buy. A few selections were decent, but nothing for every gamer. The assortments need gangster-related varieties, I know, but it can also have other choices, too, can’t it?

What I ostracized a good number, though, was the soundtrack. Even the talk-show radio stations weren’t as great as, let’s say, Chatter Box from GTA3, or VCPR in Vice City. I hope the next count to this series, if there is indeed one, will have more of an array of music chosen for every different player, rather than the rap stations that consumed this game.

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