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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas boasts an exceptional soundtrack, a well-written story line and a slew of plot twists and other surprises. The dialogue between CJ and his crew is raw but convincing, and some big-name celebrities contribute their vocal talent, including James Woods and George Clinton.

Without question, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas isn’t for kids because of its graphic violence, sex, and coarse language, but mature fans of this 32 million-unit-selling franchise who want to know if this sequel lives up to its hype, the answer is a resounding yes. Few video games pull off everything successfully, but San Andreas does so in spades. Indeed, this mature-rated game may be deemed offensive for its depiction of life as a “gangbanger,” but if taken for what it is — an interactive action-adventure for adult gamers — you won’t find a title that’s more difficult to put down.

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Families can talk about the presence of adult content in video games. How do you feel when you are doing things that are clearly illegal or immoral? The game is a way to experience criminal life without societal consequences — is it the “forbidden fruit” aspect that draws so many people to it?

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