Download Max Payne Game For Free by Gaming Guruji

Download Max Payne Game For Free by Gaming Guruji

May Payne one of the best video games is now available on Android phones. This game is the most award-winning video game just like other games GTA and WatchDog.

Who Developed Max Payne?
Max Payne the most exciting and adventurous game is developed and managed by the Remedy Entertainment and Rockstar Gaming Industry.

This game’s first part was realized in the 2000s by Remedy Gaming Industry, which gave a huge craze to third-person perspective games. And this game went viral.


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Holding top stage from the decade still this game is running most popular among video games. Also, this game has many more parts like 2nd and 3rd.

Max Payne is primarily a PC game as it is first released on Microsoft platforms. Then further for more craze, it gets developed for Other consoles like Playstation and Nintendo.

Which Platform Supports May Payne?

May Payne has 3 different versions, majorly all these games are available on every platform. This game is so popular that it should be present everywhere.
For more information, above are the supported platforms of Max Payne games-
Microsoft Windows
Mac Os
Xbox 360