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The development version featured Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan (along with his alter-ego Mr. America and his 1980s appearance) and The Ultimate Warrior. Hogan and Hardy were removed from the game when they left WWE and Warrior was omitted due to a legal dispute with the company. Data for other omitted wrestlers, including Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Billy Gunn, William Regal, Bradshaw, Molly Holly and 3-Minute Warning remains on the final discs, with none of them having any finished character models. The concept of having multiple versions of Hogan in one game was finally included with the release of WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006. Johnny Stamboli, Nunzio, Hardcore Holly, Al Snow, Bill DeMott, and Scotty 2 Hotty were all pulled very early in development. Chief Morley was originally planned for the game, but was changed last minute to Val Venis.


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although neither do they appear in the video game as playable characters nor can they be accessed via cheat codes, Brian Kendrick, Chuck Palumbo, Jamie Noble, Nathan Jones, & Nidia Guenard make cameo appearances in the intro (although should the player choose to tag with Undertaker in season mode, he will make allusions to Nathan Jones, & his theme his even accessible in WWE SmackDown! vs. RAW as Garrison Cade used a remixed version of said theme, while 3/5 of the aforementioned were playable in WWE RAW 2

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