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Because it is a mobile game, you don’t come expecting amazing graphics; despite this, 2K does a good job in this game available for APK download. The wrestlers’ designs are pretty good. However, if you are creating your own, the basic build will stay the same all the way through.


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This is probably the final version of the game to be released, so don’t expect any improvements in the future. Even so, the interface is well done and everything looks as real to life as you can get in a mobile game.

The graphics are not going to take a heavy toll on your SD card, thankfully. As it is an old game, it will have some bugs when running certain of the newer versions of Android, but unfortunately, players can’t expect any bug fixes.

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One of the most confusing and difficult parts introduced in the game is the complicated control system. Puzzling though it may be, it is a good system for a touch screen once you finally get the hang of it. Other wrestling games have done better with control pads, but this take decides to stick to just touchscreen.

Basically, tapping is for punching which is quite easy. It gets difficult when you have to pinch to grapple. Okay, a bit harder, how do you even pinch on a phone screen? Swiping the screen will allow you to run, climb, or throw your opponent.

For special moves, the game will display precisely what you need to do. Unfortunately, in combat, it occasionally bugs out, and the system won’t respond speedily, causing a loss. Another issue is the combat can become quite repetitive and more of a slugfest than a proper match.

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