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There are many wrestling games available for many gaming platforms. Like PlayStation and xbox or Microsoft computers. In Android mobile the WWE games are not available very much. wwe 2k is only WWE game which is available on Google Android Play Store. WWE lover wants to play wwe 2k in Android for free. The process of download wwe 2k is not very much hard but you need to read article carefully. If you still don’t understand you can watch related video


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Although the game lacks a variety of modes, it does have career, No DQ (anything goes), ladder matches, and multiplayer. Of all of these, the career option is probably the most interesting; you can create your own player to win the title.

There is a major lack of cohesive storytelling. The career mode is basically just beating the next character after another one to rise in the rankings. It is fun but lacks a lot of elements that are in better WWE competitors.

The multiplayer mode works somewhat well. For some people, it does not seem to work or is extremely bug-ridden. On the other hand, it does work at times, allowing you to play with your friends. Overall, it is not probably going to be where you get the majority of the experience from.

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