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All the open world games created by rockstar games are amazing. The gta vice city is one of best creation of rockstar. Every gamer is loves to play gta vice city when it was new.The game was only available for gaming platforms like playstation,xbox and Microsoft computers.Many people demands rockstar to make this game for android. So after 10 years of release we can download gta vice into our android mobiles.


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Rosenberg then introduces Tommy to Avery Carrington, a property developer. Avery gives Tommy work and in exchange offers to protect Tommy from any threats to his operation.

Tommy is then offered some work from Cortez, who has Tommy kill Gonzalez, a former right-hand who is responsible for botching the deal. Tommy kills Gonzalez and goes for more work. He runs into Lance again and the two watch over a drug deal between Diaz’ Gang and the Cubans. But the Haitians ambush the deal as Tommy, Lance and Diaz are forced to fight back and afterwards Tommy is offered work from Diaz.

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The game gta vice city is available on Play Store. The Price of gta vice city is very high. Many people don’t afford the game. So I am telling you how to download gta vice city in android for free. So read carefully.The Process is very Simple and Working. After downloading game you can run it in your mobile. The requierement is that game is just be showing in mobile’s Playstore. If game is visible then the download of game is easy and you can play it. So lets proceed to know process to download gta vice city for free.

Tommy ends up buying many businesses and expanding on his business. But Lance begins to feel under appreciated, causing a rift between him and Tommy. Meanwhile, Sonny loses patience and personally comes to Vice City to claim his money. Tommy plans ahead and attempts to give him fake money, but Lance betrays Tommy, reveals the plan to rip off Sonny and the Forellis attempt to kill him. Tommy kills Lance and then Sonny and is ultimately wounded in the chaos. Tommy then makes Rosenberg his right-hand man.

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